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    Staying Cool in the Library

    Getting Primary Students Ready to Research

    Zoo animals informational text nonfiction library skills

    We all know just how important it is to teach our students research skills. These include how to find information from print and digital sources, how to evaluate that information and how to use that information correctly. Over the next few weeks, I am going to write a series of blog posts providing ideas, advice, and resources that you can use to teach research skills to all your students,...

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    Biography Research Reports - Print and Digital

    graphic organizers

    These Biography Research Reports can be used for any famous person including historical, current musicians or entertainers or sports stars. There are many different options in both the print and digital versions so you can easily customize the reports to fit the needs of your students.

    The reports can be used with any sources you have available: library books, encyclopedia articles, articles,...

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    Must- Have Biography Series for Elementary Students

    library school reading

    My students love reading biographies. Usually, they ask for a biography on a sports star or music performer. They might ask for a biography of someone they learned about in class. And for some reason, they all want to read biographies on Michael Jackson! It can be tough keeping current biographies on the library shelves. Biographies can be expensive and they are outdated as soon as they are...

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    Christmas Book Recommendation Form Freebie

    The holiday season is upon us! Do you decorate your library or classroom for Christmas? I decorate for every season for Christmas is my favorite. I always put up a tree and string lights around the door. (Don't tell the fire marshall!) A few years ago I started having the students make ornaments to put on the tree: Christmas ornament book recommendations! This is such a fun and engaging activity....

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    Making Dewey Fun! A Roundup of Ideas, Games and Activities

    lesson plans, activities, library center, review, sorting categories, call numbers

    The Dewey Decimal System - vital to keeping the library organized. However, it is not the most interesting topic to teach. Over the years I have tried countless ways of teaching my students how nonfiction books are organized in the library without putting them to sleep! Some of my ideas have been successful and others I would rather forget about.

    In my Staying Cool in the Library store, I have...

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