Christmas Book Recommendation Form Freebie

Sample of Christmas ornament book recommendation form

As we all know, teaching in the weeks before Christmas break is a challenge. It is tough to keep students focused and on task. This Christmas ornament book recommendation form is a fun and engaging activity that will not only hold students interest but will also make your classroom or library look festive!

Making the ornaments

This is a simple activity to prepare for and can be used with multiple grade levels. All you need are copies of the ornament template, scissors, pencils and crayons. You can print the ornaments out on card stock or color paper or keep them white and have students decorate them. I have included several different ornament templates to choose from. The templates can be downloaded from my TpT store.

The concept is simple: students will fill out an ornament about a book they have read or one you have read to them. They will fill in the title and author and then write what they liked about the book or why they recommend that someone read this book. There is also a template that has space for students to draw a picture from the story instead of writing. This will be useful for younger students and to differentiate as well.

What to do when students are finished

Once students have completed their ornaments you can use them in a variety of different ways. And once it's time for Christmas break students can take their ornaments home with them.
  • Display a paper cutout Christmas tree on a wall in your classroom, your door or in the hallway (wherever you have room) and have students tape the ornaments to the tree.
  • If you have a Christmas tree in your room you can put a ribbon through the top of the ornament and hang them on the tree.
  • You can string the ornaments together and make a chain.
  • You can make a display and pair the book and the ornament together.
In the picture below I put some ornaments on my circulation desk that I have decorated with garland and lights.

Christmas ornament book recommendation form example

I hope that your students enjoy making these book recommendation ornaments and that it makes your prep time a little less stressful. 

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