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    Hello everyone! I am Kathy Cool from Staying Cool in the Library. When I first met my husband I didn’t believe that his last name was really Cool. I loved the name so much I told him that was the only reason I was marrying him!

    I do strive to live up to my name and make the library a fun and “cool” place to be for my students. I am a firm believer that children have to enjoy reading or they will never become lifelong readers. When I first started out I replaced a retiring librarian who was very strict and formal. This, of course, led to students not wanting to go to the library and not wanting to read. So I made it my goal to change that. I created lessons that were engaging and interactive and began to build the collection to appeal to all those reluctant readers. This, in turn, led me to want to share my lessons and resources with others.

    Most of the lessons I create are ones I have used with my own students. With so many demands on our time, my goal is to make your job easier by providing quality lessons that you can use with your students.

    You can see my full product catalog on my Teachers Pay Teachers store